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Lessons & Classes

Florida Conceal Carry Weapons Course (CCW)

Our CCW course is a very comprehensive class that includes the basics of safe gun handling along with the understanding of the elements of marksmanship. It is guaranteed to benefits not only the new gun owner but experienced shooters alike. Also on this course the student will learn about Self Defense law and Florida’s statues related to carrying a firearm concealed.



*The instructor can provide the firearms and ammunition at extra cost. Please inquire.

This Class Includes:

Shotgun Lessons

Full competition instruction covering all target and wing shooting disciplines. Safety, stance, form, etiquette, mount, eye dominance and multiple shooting styles. 



*For more information about our facilities or to customize an experience for you and your group please contact us at 863-357-2226.

Pistol, Rifle, and Tactical Instructions

Private Lessons with Certified Instructor available.