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Welcome to the OK Corral Gun Club!

We are a unique facility dedicated to offering the Florida sportsman the ultimate shooting venue. Our goal is to create an experiential club where shooting enthusiasts can safely pursue their sport.


The Wild West’s famous 30 second gun fight took place at the O.K. Corral in Tombstone, Arizona

Early 1800’s

Cattle grazed the 350 acres of land (which OKCGC is now built on) while Okeechobee was first populated by European settlers.


During his affiliation with the Okeechobee Marshalls (a Cowboy Action Shooting Club), Mr. Joseph T. Charles decided during a search for new club headquarters to incorporate everything they wanted in a club. Thus, the idea of OK Corral was born.

January 2012

OKCGC is officially established by Charles, founder of Charles Industries and owner of Florida’s River Forest Yachting Centers.

March 2012

During initial construction of the property, the Club commissioned members of the local Seminole Indian Tribe to build 6 Chikki Huts on the grounds. The huts offer a respite from inclement weather and a place for relaxation.

Town Hall

The Event & Town Hall opened. This expansion was to serve as a central gathering place for various activities, events, and community meetings of all types.

Boarding & Farm House

The Boarding House and Farm House were constructed to provide accommodations for visitors and members of larger groups, each having 3 bedrooms and 2 baths, it’s perfect for family or group gatherings, rustic-retreat style.

Cabins & General Store

Twenty-four cabins were completed and opened to the public to enhance the overall OK Corral property experience, providing lodging options and essential amenities for guests, members, and small to large corporate groups.

The Hitching Post Restaurant

The Hitching Post Restaurant was opened, offering delicious dining options, including an elevated continental breakfast around a cozy river rock fireplace. It’s a fantastic place to relax and enjoy company.

Pro Shop Edition


The Pro Shop Edition expanded our offerings under one roof, providing a comprehensive selection of artillery, equipment, accessories, and apparel for shooting enthusiasts.

The Depot

The Depot was established as a hub for transportation and storage, facilitating the movement of goods and equipment for the club and its members.


The OK Corral Gun Club is Florida’s premier outdoor shooting and recreational facility. It features two multi-station sporting clays courses, a 7-station sub gauge course, two Fitasc Parcour, a static rifle stand, a pistol range, elevated wobble deck, trap and skeet, a fully stocked pro shop, four pickle ball courts and over 20,000 square feet of facility providing venues for dining, banquets, corporate events, and charity shoots.

New Town Office Center

The New Town Office Center is set to provide administrative support and be a focal point for managing club operations and member services, enhancing organizational efficiency and member experience. This will be an incredible opportunity for corporate companies to expand their stays with additional business resources.