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Boarding House


The Boarding House was added to OK Corral in 2014 providing accommodations for 10 guests in this 3 bedroom/ 2 bathroom rustic family-style home. Within you will find oversized living and dining areas with views of the vast horizon of OK Corral’s magnificent pastures of livestock. Relax with the whole family and friends and watch the sunset on the outdoor patio while swimming in the pool!

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The Design & Amenities

The Boarding House was designed to give families and small groups a sense of Old West retreat. The location is quiet and perfect for recharging. A short walk will take you to the farmlands of Okeechobee where you will find OK Corral’s cattle grazing and soaking up the sun. 


This is a perfect place for small corporate retreats, a getaway for family and/or friends and even executive company planning. Come to play, stay to shoot. 


Additional Amenities:

What Can You Expect?

Upon arrival, check in at the Post Office front desk. Our lodging managers will assist you settling into The Boarding House.

They will provide a map of the property and information regarding dining and shooting. Wander down Allen Street and reminisce about mining town history and the panhandling days of the Old West.

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