If you’re a gun or shooting enthusiast, and you’re looking for the perfect shooting range in Florida, you’ll quickly realize you have plenty of spots to choose from. However, all ranges are not created equal. Here are a few key points of what to look for in a Florida shooting range before you pick a location or facility. 

Check out their website 

You can get a great feel for a place without ever stepping foot on its property by visiting its website. Here you can view pictures of the facilities, learn about everything the range has to offer and probably even identify pricing information that can help you in your search. You can also judge a place by how bad it’s website may be since it’s so important these days when trying to reach new customers, to provide a user-friendly, educational and appealing digital space. 

Read online reviews

Another way to learn more about a potential range that you’re thinking of trying is by reading online reviews. Search engines like Google have become very helpful in gathering reviews from people that have been to a place or business. Facebook and other social media channels are another good way to learn more about a place through reading online reviews. 

Do they offer the amenities you want?

A shooting range can be a very simple place, or it can be a well-outfitted space that offers tons of amenities. The first step is to figure out which amenities are important to you in a range of space. Some ranges offer many types of shooting experiences, lessons and even rentals. 

Do they rent equipment?

Many gun enthusiasts search for a range where they can bring their own favorite gun and practice on targets. However, some people are looking for a place to try out other guns besides the ones they own. Not all ranges rent equipment, but some do and you’ll need to decide which kind of shooting experience you’re hoping to have. 

Do you like the atmosphere?

The atmosphere is everything for a business that’s trying to sell an experience. When looking for a shooting range to try out in Florida, you’ll be able to tell a lot about the atmosphere of a place from the pictures on its website. But ultimately, you’ll have to visit the spot to decide if it’s a place you really enjoy and feel comfortable with.

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