Using a gun versus watching the old cowboy westerns on television are two completely different experiences. Especially when it’s your first time shooting, it can be an intimidating experience. While it’s important to be cautious at your first shoot, it’s vital to be prepared so you’re aware of what to expect. Here is a basic checklist to get you ready and confident.

Safety First!

Congratulations! You have settled on the day to shoot at your first gun range. Before you step foot on the range, make an appointment for a gun safety course. It is important that you get a hands-on look at gun safety. For safety, get the feel how a firearm works and the purpose it serves.

Find a Reputable Instructor

Shooting a gun isn’t to be taken lightly. Your uncle Joe may have many years under his belt, and has shown you how to shoot when you were a kid, but he’s not your instructor. Not just anyone can teach proper gun training and techniques. It’s imperative to find a certified shooting sports expert who has years under their belt and a reputable background.

Wear Eye and Ear Protection

Before you get on sight, pick up good quality eye and ear protection for when you shoot. It will be loud and you want your gear to fit perfectly so you’re not constantly adjusting. While most gun ranges allow you to rent their gear, theirs doesn’t always offer an exact fit to each individual, which is needed to ensure your eyewear stay put throughout the duration.

Get a Feel for the Gun

Before you begin shooting, learn how to properly square up your sights while developing a consistent sight picture when engaging your target. Get a feel for how the gun works with your body after it recoils while developing a comfortable and firm grip on the gun each time.

Ask Away!

There’s no question too silly or uncommon to ask when it comes to shooting your first gun. After all, you need to feel comfortable and confident behind your gun before you square up. Even if it’s an unrealistic question about something you saw on television, it’s better to ask so you get a full picture of how the gun truly works. With the way the world and guns are today, outside voices and media may offer information that is incorrect and the only way you’ll be put at ease is to ask an expert trainer.  

When you’re ready to shoot your first gun, Ok Corral Gun Club has your back. Their professionally trained experts will help you every step of the way even before you set foot on the range. Their strict guidance and services provides all levels of experience the confidence and support they need each time. Contact our expert trainers to book your first appointment!