Welcome to the OK Corral Gun Club established in 2012 by Mr. Joseph T. Charles, founder of Charles Industries in Rolling Meadows, Illinois and owner of Florida’s River Forest Yachting Centers in Stuart and LaBelle. The OK Corral Gun Club, named for the Wild West’s famous 30 second gun fight in 1881, is a unique facility dedicated to offering the Florida sportsman the ultimate shooting venues.  Our goal is to create an experiential club where shooting enthusiasts can safely pursue their sport.  During Mr. Joe’s affiliation with the Okeechobee Marshalls, a Cowboy Action Shooting Club, decided during a search for a new club headquarters to incorporate everything they wanted in a club and build the gun club himself.  The gates of the OK Corral Gun Club are open to a wide range of guest from those with no shooting experience to the competitive shooter looking for a setting to test their skills.  In addition to offering memberships, the club is open to the public and dedicated to family oriented recreation.

The OK Corral Gun Club is Florida’s premier outdoor shooting and recreational facility featuring North and South 29 sporting clay stands, wobble deck, cowboy action, competition park, voice activated trap and skeet, pistol, and rifle. The OK Corral Gun Club is situated on a 350 acre site formerly used for grazing cattle dating back to the early 1800’s when Okeechobee was first populated by European settlers. During initial construction of the property, the Club commissioned Members of the local Seminole Indian Tribe to build 6 Chikki Huts on the grounds.  The huts offer a respite from inclement weather and a place for relaxation.

The OK Corral has over 20,000 square feet of facility providing venues for weddings, banquets, corporate events and shooting activity.   The Cabins at OK Corral Gun Club offer a dozen cabins that will provide a haven for those folks who want to enjoy the tranquil setting or participate in one the many events hosted on the property.

The Event Center houses the Crystal Saloon Banquet Hall with its antique crystal chandeliers, the Mercantile Retail Store and the Bank for intimate dining and meetings along with the High Noon Café where you can sit and enjoy the outdoors or just watch the sporting clay shooters.

The buildings on the property are covered with barnwood gathered from raised 100 year old barns from the mid-west.  The barnwood flooring in the mercantile is held down with authentic hob nails and boasts an old jail cell door that graces the hallway to the Crystal Saloon.  Handcuffs and keys along with many other antiques including the spectacular antique oak back bar and retail counters add to the western ambiance.

Looking around the bank you will note the used brick wall a 1910 regulator clock and the bank teller window from a bank in western Kansas that was once robbed by Jesse James and the 1920 Kellog Magneto Phone.The Livery Stable and The Ranch House are also very popular venues.  The Livery Stable is designed in a covered open air environment and can be utilized for events of all kinds and is very popular for weddings. The 4000 square foot Ranch House with its own western theme hosts meetings, wedding receptions, dinners and specialty events. You can linger by the double sided fireplace covered with river rock and caped off with a huge cypress mantle and take a moment to view the WWI ballistic weaponry and accoutrements circa 1917-1918 .  Inclusive in this collection are US Colt 1911 45 Cal APC Holster Belt,  A 1917 Canteen Mag Pouch, 1905 Army Colt Special .38 Cal Pistol with Holster and Belt Buckle, 1915 German Lugar P08 Pistol with Holster and Belt Buckle, 1896 German C 96 7.35 Mauser Broom Handle Pistol, 1918 US Springfield 30 06 Cal Rifle with Sling, 1918 US Enfield 30 06 Cal Rifle with Bayonet, 1898 German Mauser Rifle with Bayonet, US Army Helmet with Regimental Insignia, US  Army Leggings, US 1918 Officers Swords (above the front interior entrance and Ammunition and Stripper Clips for all the weapons.  The WWI Collection honors Richard Louis Brunker WWI Third Infantry Division 38th Infantry Regiment, who fought in the Battles of the Marne-Argonne-Chateau Thierry.  The 38th was later referred to as “The Rock of The Marne” for holding and turning the German Offensive on July 14, 1918.  The 3rd Infantry Division was activated in November 1917 at Camp Greene, North Carolina.  The 38th first saw combat when it arrived 8 months later in France and was rushed into position at the Chateau Thierry amid he retreating French and held off the advancing German at the Marne.  Richard Brunker is the Uncle of Joseph Thierry Charles, the owner of the OK Corral Gun Club and the Great-Great Grandson of John Baptise Thierry from The Chateau-Theirry in France.

Also, adorning the Ranch House walls is a large cow hide, a wild boar, a Newfoundland Moose, a Corsican Ram, several Whitetail Deer, a Painted Desert Ram, a Coyote and a Caribou inclusive with a large picture of John Wayne to enhance the ambiance while enjoying your visit.