Shotgun clay courses

The OK Corral Gun Club proudly offers shotgun enthusiasts two scenic, fully automated, sporting clay courses, one of 15 and one of 14 Stations.

Cowboy Action Shooting

Cowboy action shooting stations

The Club has built a Single Action Shooting Society (SASS or Cowboy Action as it is often called) course that features 10 different store fronts with steel targets.

Static Pistol & Rifle Ranges

static pistol and rifle ranges

We feature separate covered outdoor pistol and rifle ranges at 50 yards and 100 yards respectively. Our static ranges are manned by trained range safety officers.

Competition Park & Tactical Bays

Competition Park is designed with a variety of shooting sports associations in mind and provides the facilities needed for tournaments, classes, and other shooting events.

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Targets $0.38 member | $0.50 non-member
Golf Cart Rental $14.50 member | $29 non-member

Shotgun Rental $35 | Box of 25 Shells $9

Standard Lesson – One hour
$75 member  |  $100 non-member

All Inclusive Lesson Package
Includes targets, shotgun rental, ammo and ear & eye protection
25 targets $110 per lesson  |  50 targets $130 per lesson

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OK Corral Shotgun Sports in Florida

Clay shooting is a challenging target game designed to capture the attention and eye of shooting sportsmen and even hunters, alike. Progressing through two courses of 14 and 15 stations in a Florida farm land setting, shooters are presented with a variety of targets that simulate the flight path of game birds and other wild game. So, if you were asking yourself how do I find the best skeet shooting near me? Then look no further than Ok Corral Gun Club. Our courses are set to please every level of shooter, the 15 stand North Course is designed for the novice shooter with intermediate target presentations geared toward the experienced competition shooter. Shooters may walk our courses or travel in our shooting sports equipped golf carts. Shooting lessons and packages are available through the reservation, as well as rental guns and ammunition. Thus, we pride ourselves on being one of the best when it comes to skeet shooting in Florida.

Shooting Course Requirements:

  • Target load ammunition only (shot size 7.5-8 grain)
  • Eye and ear protection available in ProShop.
  • Children under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.

Features Include:

  • Two scenic, fully automated, sporting clay courses
  • 29 covered shooting stations
  • Shooting cart rentals available
  • Instructors & Trappers available

Scholastic Clay Target Program
Do you know a child with a competitive drive and a love for participating in shooting sports events in Okeechobee, Florida? Sign them up for our SCTP team, The Outlaws! We are now accepting all children ages ten to eighteen into our shooting program in Okeechobee, led by our Shotgun Sports Director Brian Palmer, our kids learn all the best shooting sports tips and tricks to become efficient competitors in the field. Please give us a call for more information or visit the SCTP website for more on the organization!

Brian Palmer – Head Coach
(863) 357-2226
(863) 801-1095



$27.00 all day fee for non-members

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OK Corral Pistol Range (Static)

Idea for first-time shooters, recent Concealed Carry class completers, or anyone just keeping their skills up, our eleven covered Pistol bays meet the requirements of any handgun enthusiast. All set down a 25-yard range that will accommodate any distance within the complex you prefer with a range officer always present to help with instructions and/or any questions you may have. This target shooting range is exclusively for Pistols. No caliber of .50 or over will be permitted, neither will full-auto nor rapid fire. We shoot standard paper targets, set up on moveable target stands. Handgun lessons are available, call to reserve.

Features Include:

  • 11 covered stations
  • 25  yards long
  • distances are marked in 5 yard increments on the range
  • range is exclusively for use with pistols- either rim fire or center fire ammunition
  • no use of calibers over 50 or full automatic weapons for everyone’s safety
  • only standard targets only permitted

CCW Classes at OKCGC

We are proud to host in house Concealed Carry Classes every month here at the club. Our classes exceed the states minimum safety requirement for target shooting and include: hands on experience with either a handgun of your choice or one will be provided for you to use, private range, and tips and instruction for shooting sports in Okeechobee.

Call to place your reservation for the next class.

OK Corral Rifle Range (Static)

The rifle Range is a covered station featuring 11 bays. It is 100 yards long with moveable target stands for the shooter to practice at the distance they desire. Distances are marked at 10 yard increments, starting at 20 yards. This range is exclusively for long gun use, with either rim fire or center fire ammunition. We ask that the shooters not use calibers over 50 or fully automatic weapons for everyone’s safety. Only standard paper targets are permitted for shooting.

Features Include:

  • 11 covered stations
  • 100 yards long
  • marked in 10 yard increments starting at 20
  • moveable  target stands
  • range is exclusively for long gun use with either rim fire or center fire ammunition
  • request shooters not use calibers over 50 or full automatic weapons for everyone’s safety
  • only standard paper targets are permitted


Temporarily closed to the public.


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OK Corral Outlaws Cowboy Action Shooting Club

Cowboy Action Shooting in Florida

The Club has built a Single Action Shooting Society (SASS or Cowboy Action as it is often called) course that features 10 different store fronts with steel targets. The store fronts were built to resemble an “Old West Town”. These action stations are open to static range shooters who wish to practice on steel. Shooters are required to use lead only or frangible ammunition on the steel. No jacketed rounds are permitted.

Features Include:

  • 10 Simulated Store Front Bays
  • Old Western Cowboy Theme
  • Paper & Steel Targets
OK Corral Outlaws Logo

We are a Cowboy Action Shooting Club affiliated with the Single Action Shooting Society (SASS). Cowboy Action Shooting is a family oriented sport that embraces two primary facets of the old west: shooting and costuming.

Participants dress in late 1800 era clothing and engage in staged and timed shooting scenarios using firearms typical of those used in taming of the Old West. The single action revolver, lever or pump action rifles, as well as, old time shotguns is the weaponry of choice for the competitors as they fight for the prestige of clearing the multi-staged courses in the fastest times with the highest accuracy.