Shooting sports are a popular pastime from coast to coast in the United States. From clays to simulators, there are plenty of exciting ways to shoot a firearm. The OK Corral in Okeechobee offers many thrilling options for Okeechobee shooting sports and here are just a few of the headlining options at the OK Corral Club

Shotgun sports 

You’ll find plenty of thrilling shotgun sports at the OK Corral Club. The property offers two clay courses, both fully automated. Enjoy the south Florida scenery as you shoot clays in 14 or 15 stations depending on which course you play.  

Cowboy action Okeechobee shooting sports

If you prefer to imagine for an afternoon that your back in the Wild West defending your land or your honor, consider booking time with the club’s Single Action Shooting Society. This course includes 10 storefronts fashioned as they would have looked in those times and featuring steel targets for your shooting pleasure. What’s more fun than pretending you’re a cowboy for an afternoon?

Pistol and rifle ranges

The OK Corral property also offers plenty of space for pistol and rifle shooting. Choose from the clubs’ pistol or rifle range for target shooting practice at 50 or 100 yards. The ranges are operated by trained safety officers employed by the club for the safety of all shooters.  

Competition park and Okeechobee shooting sports

You can also choose to get your competitive fix at the club with a day spent in its competition park. This space was designed for shooting events, classes, and tournaments, and there’s always something going on at the OK Corral. Check the event listings on the club’s website for more information on future events and how you can get involved in the competitive sport shooting scene.