We’ve all been there: you’re standing around a limbo stick while wearing a floral necklace and eating pineapple. If you’ve been in this situation, you’re probably pretty sick and tired of repeat party themes. These themes include luau, casino royale, and decades. But what if we said we had a new and exciting theme, complete with a party venue to go with it? 

Throw a western themed party this year and stray away from the usual themes! The planning is simple and requires only a few steps:

1.) Spice up your invitations 

Choose who you would like to invite to your party, and then make the invitations. Be sure to make them fun and creative as you want to excite your guests for the big day. Simple ways to put a twist on the typical invitations include shaping them like a boot, cowboy hat, horseshoe, pistol gun, cactus hat or a wanted poster.

2.) Prepare the decorations

So you have your venue and invitations, but what’s next? It’s time to pick out your decorations for the western themed party venue! Decorations can complete the venue, so it’s important that you stick to the theme. In addition, you don’t want your western themed venue to appear cheesy in any way, so make sure your decorations are fun but mature. Here are a few ideas for western themed decor:

  • Create a cowboy saloon bar by including small tables with low seats grouped around them
  • Hang bigger versions of your wanted posters on walls and doors.
  • Place old cowboy hats on walls and doors.
  • Change your usual light bulbs to yellow light bulbs.
  • Get a couple of hay bales and cover with hessian bags for your guests to sit on.
  • Set out cowboy hats and sheriff badges for guests

3.) You’re never too old for dress up! 

If you’re throwing a western themed party, dressing up “Wild West” style is a must. Below are some of the outfit ideas for you and your guests.

  • Bank robbers
  • Cowboys with bootcut jeans, large belt buckles, boots, and cowboy hats
  • Cowgirls with jean skirts, checked shirts, bandana, boots, and cowboy hats
  • Town sheriffs
  • Bandits
  • Western royalty 

 4.) Prepare the food or organize with catering 

As far as food goes, your go-to dishes should be inspired by traditional American western food. Below are a few ideas: 

  • Fried chicken, wings
  • Corn on the cob and baked beans
  • Steaks, baked potatoes
  • Tacos and chips with salsa chips
  • Homemade apple pie
  • Cupcakes
  • Corn cake muffins

 5.) Choose the tunes

No party is complete without the right music. For your party at a western themed venue, you should choose from a mix of old and new country music. But also make sure to include popular party songs that may not be country western themed! Examples of old and new country artists to add to your playlist are: 

  • Johnny Cash
  • Kenny Rogers
  • Glen Campbell
  • Blake Shelton
  • John Denver

If you’re looking for the perfect party venue for your western themed party in Florida, look no further than Ok Corral! With over 20,000 square feet of land for recreational activities, cabins, and outdoor shooting, our space is perfect for adult parties and corporate events. Contact us today for any additional information and questions!