So you’re thinking about having a country themed wedding, but what does that mean exactly? It’s more than having a country themed DJ and putting your bridesmaids in cowgirl boots. Throwing a country themed wedding starts with a save the date and ends in a beautiful rustic wedding venue.


There are many cute and fun country inspired ideas you can incorporate into your wedding aesthetic to really show your guests a darn-tootin’ good time!


Stick with a rustic color scheme

Sticking to earthy and rustic colors for your table cloths, wedding party attire and even invitations sets the tone for a country wedding. The colors can say a lot about the theme and direction of your wedding, so it’s important to visualize how different color schemes will look.


Add some flair to your save the dates and invites

If you want to throw a country wedding, what better way to let your guests know what type of event it will be than in your save the date? You should choose a color that coincides with your rustic color scheme and possibly include some countryside motifs. You could choose stationary with wild flowers on them, or invitations in the shape of a cowboy boot. All of these little additions will hint to your guests that you’re going to have a country wedding worth talking about.


Pick a rustic venue

Your venue should create the ambiance you want at your wedding. If you are looking for a country themed wedding you might want to consider getting married on a ranch or in a barn. For a country wedding venue in Florida, OK Corral might be the venue you’ve been searching for.


Wild flowers

Instead of a traditional bouquets or boutonnieres, pick some of your favorite wild flowers instead. Since wildflowers are generally cheaper than traditional wedding flowers, such as roses or orchids, you can easily put them everywhere! This is where you can get creative and use wild flowers as centerpieces; you can line the isle with them and even carry a wild flower bouquet.   


Mason jars are so NOT last season

Mason jars are a great way to add a little rustic twang to your décor and place settings. There are so many ideas including mason jar centerpieces, chandeliers and even parting gifts you can draw inspiration from!


Lights, candles, lanterns

Stringing lights across the rafters of a barn or other rustic venue in Florida can give your wedding space an elevated and more sophisticated rustic look. Hanging antique lanterns and tasteful candle lighting can mimic those beautiful nights in the countryside everyone wants to have.


Don’t be afraid of burlap

Burlap is a great and inexpensive material that can be used as accents throughout the entire wedding. One great idea is to have your ring bearer carry the rings down the aisle on a burlap needlepoint pillow. You can also use burlap as sashes for flower girls or bridesmaids’ dresses or even incorporate it into the place settings.


Give a ‘yee-haw’ worthy reception!

If you’re looking to spice up your wedding reception country style, renting a mechanical bull is sure to surprise your guests. For your less adventurous guests, offer wagon or hay bail rides instead.

Your wedding day should be everything you want and more, and it all starts with picking the perfect country wedding venue in Florida.