Guns are not toys and you should have this mentality whenever you are using them. When looking for an outdoor shooting range in Orlando, there are some important safety tips you should be aware of. It is your duty as a visitor to be aware of and practice gun safety not only for your protection but for the protection of the outdoor shooting range, staff and other visitors.


Never keep a gun loaded that is not in use

It is incredibly unsafe to leave a loaded gun lying around. While you will most likely not have to deal with this at an established outdoor shooting range in Orlando, it is important to understand this safety tip anyway. Leaving a loaded gun lying around leaves the opportunity for an unqualified or untrained person to unknowingly pick up and fire a loaded gun. Before returning your gun to the shooting range staff make sure you let them know if there are bullets still in the gun or if it is empty.


Always point and hold the gun in a safe direction

This means you NEVER point a gun at another human being regardless if it is loaded or not. When you are waiting for your turn to use a firearm at an outdoor shooting range you want to keep the gun pointed downwards or towards the pre-approved shooting range target.


Always wear protective gear

It is no secret that guns are loud and can cause debris to fly. It is important to wear the proper protective eye and ear gear to make sure you are not blinded or deafened. This protective equipment is usually provided to customers by the shooting range staff and is accompanied with a safety briefing. It is your job to know what protective gear you need when visiting a shooting range, and if you are not given the proper gear speak up! Visiting and participating in the activities of an outdoor shooting range can be a great experience, but can quickly turn into a life threatening experience if proper precautions are not taken.


Be aware of your surroundings

Before you fire a gun at a shooting range make sure you thoroughly inspect your surroundings. This means checking next to you, behind you, in front of you and all areas surrounding your target. You never want to fire a gun without making sure the area is clear and secure.


Don’t rely on the safety

Whenever you are not firing the gun provided to you by the shooting range, you want to make sure the safety is on. However, just because the safety is on a gun does not mean it is 100 percent safe. Safeties can malfunction or slip out of place, so you want to make sure you are exercising caution and pointing the gun in a safe direction even when the safety is on.


Hold your gun properly

While you might think it is fun to hold your firearm like a spy in the movies or pretend you are James Bond, it is not safe. When you are handed your firearm the outdoor shooting range staff should brief you on the proper stance and position in which to hold and fire your gun. Holding the gun improperly will not only affect your aim in a negative way but you can also severely injure yourself by the backlash that comes with firing a weapon.


All reputable outdoor shooting ranges will debrief their customers on the rules and regulations of the establishment as well as require a safety training session. It is important to pay attention and listen to the instructions of the professional staff. They are there to keep you and others safe while ensuring everyone has a good time.