According to sources, in 2016, 495 people were victims of accidental firearm use. While it’s easy to put the blame on an inanimate object, gun safety is in our hands. When used, guns can increase safety in your home. Teach your friends and family that guns can protect when proper safety comes into play.

The Safety Switch

The gun safety switch disables the gun from firing. It’s easy to rely on the safety switch, but you should still use your common sense when handling the gun. Assuming that the gun won’t fire because the safety is on is poor judgment. A gun can go off at any time regardless of position. Never place the safety between positions and keep it on until you’re ready to fire. Because the safety is on it doesn’t mean that a strong enough impact can’t activate the the gun and cause it to fire. Suppose you drop the firearm, and the safety is on, but the force caused it to discharge. Never rely on the gun’s safety mechanism and always refer to your gun handling procedures.

Clear View

Before you begin loading your firearm, check the barrel. It should be clear of any obstruction such as mud, sand, grease, or oil. Clogged barrels can cause an increase in pressures within the bore. This can result in bursting or bulging, resulting in injury to you and others. To ensure that you have a clear view, clean the bore from obstructions and use a cleaning rod before you shoot. Recoil and noise within the barrel is not normal. Hold your fire and check for obstructions or logged projectile in the barrel.

Time for a Check up

A healthy HVAC system needs the service of a reputable maintenance worker. This same thought process should apply to your gun. These complicated machines will not last forever and will wear over time. For proper gun use, inspections, services, and adjustments can keep you safe. Failing to adhere to regular maintenance can void your warranty too.

Wear it Proudly

When you’re behind the barrel of a firearm, protective gear is always necessary. This will include shooting glasses and hearing protectors. Earplugs ensure noise doesn’t damage hearing. Glasses prevent debris and other particles from getting in your vision. Protective eyewear is also essential when cleaning and servicing your gun. Eye-wear puts a barrier between you and the solvents or springs that can come in contact with your eyes and cause harm.

Keep Learning

As with all recreational activities, you never stop learning. You need to be updated on the current firearm rules and regulations should there be a change. Not all firearms are the same. The policies must carry out in accordance to the mechanical characteristics of the guns you choose.

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