Corporate Retreats in Florida, OK Corral

OK Corral is an ideal location for having your corporate meetings and events as we offer an amazing range of world-class amenities such as excellent dining services, and catering facilities on top of our already fantastic shooting sports options. All of this makes corporate outings at OK Corral an amazing and unique experience. We have a dozen cabins that will provide lodging and will be a haven for those folks who want to enjoy the tranquil aspects of our property or participate in one of the many events hosted here. Our 20,000 sq.ft property offers an abundance of space where you can host a special corporate business event or meeting. You will be remembered by your co-workers and clients for planning such a unique business meeting or company retreat at the OK Corral.

If your office has the typical holiday party at the end of the year or even a corporate retreat in Florida, then you can consider taking advantage of South Florida’s wonderful December climate to enjoy some outdoor shooting pursuits. We can host the normal dinner and gift exchange if that is your custom, or we can offer an afternoon of Sporting Clays and range shooting. Because of all of our unique options our Shooting Club in Florida is one of the best corporate retreat locations.

This is not your normal Holiday office celebration. The Club can offer gift certificates and inexpensive yearly memberships to reward your Employees for all they do! Do not worry that your office is not big enough; we can offer friendly social shooting for a group as small as two people up to 200. Call to reserve your space today.


Charities & Fundraising Events in Florida

Have you ever been to a golf tournament for your favorite charity? Sporting Clays is the new “golf” for charity events. Men and Women can enjoy this fun and social activity. It is probably easier to score hits on sporting clays than to consistently hit a good shot in golf. So why not give it a try?

We at OK Corral pride ourselves in being one of the most amazing charity venues in Florida as we can host groups up to 200 for a day of shooting. Rental guns, ammunition, and targets are included. Instruction from our professional staff will get your group started. We can provide an awards dinner after the shooting has finished. Plan your next fundraiser event in Florida with the OK Corral; your patrons will thank you for the most innovative experience in fundraising.