The holiday party can be a tough event to plan for your business. You definitely don’t want the same tired venue that your employees expect, yet you need to respect the financial constraints of your business’ bottom line. Have you ever considered having your next staff party at a public shooting range in Florida?                                                                                                              1. A memorable venue

Holding your next holiday party at a public shooting range in Florida like the OK Corral Gun Club in Okeechobee promises a memorable event and a good time had by all. Your party planning staff can choose from a variety of facilities for the party venue all on 350 acres of event space. Available for your gathering, depending on your budget and preferences, are 10 shooting ranges including trap and skeet, sporting clay courses, pistol and rifle ranges, 5-stand, cowboy action stages and much more.    

2. Fair pricing

At the OK Corral, you can also expect fair pricing. The average holiday party costs in the neighborhood of $75 per guest. That can quickly add up for a business owner, and the OK Corral wants to help you have a fantastic, memorable event without busting your budget.  

3. Unique party theme

The “southern hospitality meets wild, wild west” location offers a unique party theme that will delight your staff. The event spaces at the OK Corral can handle parties from 10 to 200 with something for everyone. The staff can help arrange for catering on-site, and you can choose from a slew of fun activities, or let our staff build a custom experience for you, so that your staff feels appreciated for their hard work, and rewarded for another successful year in business.  

4. Convenient location 

The OK Corral also offers a convenient location just a stone’s throw from Interstate 95. There is also a boarding house on site with offers 3 bedrooms, and 2,500 square feet of space, as well as a dozen cabins, and a soon-to-be-opened RV park on the premises. Ok Corral really offers it all when it comes to a fresh venue for your next holiday party. 

5. Big groups are welcome

The event space available at OK Corral can be customized to fit the exact size of your party. Big parties are welcome too with the capacity to hold as many as 200 party goers. The friendly staff at OK Corral can help you decide which space and activities on the grounds will best suit your needs.